The greatest challenge in capturing the moment is not to affect it.



The People, The Emotions.

Whether it’s a wedding or the birth of a child, we strongly believe that the people make the film. Their emotions, their reactions, their laughs and tears define the emotional power of reliving a moment. By not only focussing on the married couple but also on their friends and family, we try to recreate the total experience. No arty-farty, over-directed images, but rather a timeless movie that can be watched over and over again.

The Filmmaker, Not The Director.

Filming a wedding is all about capturing moments. And the more spontaneous these moments are, the more touching they are. It defines the degree to which people, whether they attended the wedding or not, will be able to relate to the emotional value of your day. And therefore, one of the most important aspects of our way of working, is that we do not adjust the moment just to make it look better.


We are keen on safeguarding the raw beauty of pure happiness. Yet, it seems only logical that if we are to tell your story, we should get to know you first. So let’s meet! Feel free to reach out, and we’ll send you our detailed brochure.