Wedding (video)

Your wedding day deserves more than still images. Give your memory something to hold on to with a timeless video and relive your day with the same emotional intensity. Now, and 50 years from now.

Event (photo & video)

Not only weddings deserve a professional video or photo. We would love to help you capture any kind of event, whether it is a birthday party, a hockey tournament or the opening night of your theater’s new play.

Corporate (photo & video)

We provide photo & video for any corporate context (website, social media, team pictures, advertising material, tradeshow …). Take a look at our portfolio or just reach out right away.

Portrait (photo)

Would you like some nice family, pregnancy or baby pictures? Are you looking for the right photo on your Christmas cards? Or do you simply need a killer LinkedIn-photo to find your dream job? Please shoot!

D r o n e (photo & video)

We offer professional drone photography and videography. We have an obligated license as drone pilot class 1.